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50% Vietnamese. 100% disappointment.

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For all of you who are worried that there might be secret mind readers in the room just try MENTALLY SCREAMING and if anyone jumps or flinches, you know

please dont

he’s one of them 

…wha…you know what. nevermind
Okay, let's get deep for just a second...



A year ago was when I was just joining this fandom. I had no friends. Well, maybe one or two, but, you know, very little, and I was real depressed and lonely all the fucking time.

Now, a year later, my phone is constantly blowing up with texts/whatsapp messages/tumblr messages/twitter replies and…

this makes my robot heart feel things 

is this Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy cause I’m bout it.
Anonymous :  I masturbated with a Faygo bottle once.


my question is how

well damn, way to get creative

This gets me emotionally ready for school